domingo, 17 de janeiro de 2010

E no 7º Dia...


I wish someone could tell me,
What it is that I've done wrong,
Why I have to stay chained up
and left alone so long.

They seemed so glad to have me when I came here as a pup
There were so many things we'd do while I was growing up.
They couldn't wait to train me as companion and as a friend.
They told me they would never fear being left alone again.

The children said they'd feed me, said they'd brush me every day,
They'd play with me and walk me, if only I could stay.
But now the family hasn't time,they often say I shed.
They wont allow me in the house, not even to be fed.

The children never walk me, they always say, "Not Now!"
I wish that I could please them, won't someone tell me how?
All I have is love, you see,I wish they would explain,
Why they said they wanted me,then left me on a chain.

From The Detroit News 2/25/1999
Author Unknown Public Domain Archives of Dog Poems

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